How To Regulate Blood Sugars And Insulin 
Without Starving Yourself Or Taking Harmful Medications 

Your Checklist of Avoidable Side Effects of Pharma Medication v "Diabetes Defence" Protocol - No Starving, No Confusion, Results In 8 Weeks, Bonus Video Explanations
How you can protect your family from the burden of $124,700 lifetime cost of diabetes medication, steer clear of being one of the 79,870 amputations every year, reverse weight gain and loss of libido resulting from conventional diabetes medication 
Neil Cannon, #1 Bestselling Author of 
The Vitality Secret, Award Winning, Creator: 
"The Diabetes Defence Program"
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"My partner’s sugar level has dropped - we talked with our diabetes consultant a few days ago and they were so impressed she is having her insulin dropped. They told us to keep up what we're doing as their info never really helped." - Lee John Pursall
"I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and within two days [of Neil's teachings] ... the aches in my body stopped...Three months later I was told I had significantly reversed the diabetes.  The biggest change is how much energy I now have. I do things at a weekend rather than feel tired and just fall asleep on the settee - and I’ve gone down 9 inches on my waist" - Drew Salmon
"I am very pleased with your program (which has) given me a greater understanding in making the right choices. My weight continues to slowly drop. I started out with 238 and now I am down to 214. I am feeling better and ...the inflammation pain is going down." - Mary, California

Disclaimer: I am not a qualified medical doctor nor physician so this information must be used in accordance with your doctor's advice. The information herein is a synthesis of over 4 years of passionately studying nutrition, writing 2 books, public speaking, hosting a podcast about self-healing and working as a health coach. My research has enabled me to teach my clients how to heal their own body. This is the crux of everything I teach - inspiring people to learn how to take full control and ownership of their own health and body. I am also a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. The information you are about to receive is not conventional so you will question some of it. Have an open and curious mind and discover how your "healthy" diet might be making you sick. Please note: there is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary. - Neil Cannon 2017 - All Rights Reserved © 2017